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Launch of the Decade Action: Cultural Heritage Framework Programme (CHFP)

On June 8, 2021, the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-20 announced their endorsement of ODHN’s Cultural Heritage Framework Programme (CHFP) as an official Decade Action. Of the first 28 endorsed Decade Actions, it is the only thus far that addresses cultural heritage in the Decade. [This is still the case as of early 2022.]

The Cultural Heritage Framework Programme (CHFP) provides a framework within which Decade Actions relating to cultural heritage can be encouraged, shared and supported, so that the impacts of such actions in delivering sustainable development are greater together than they would be individually. The CHFP offers an efficient interface between heritage and the Ocean Decade, providing advice and assistance to other programmes, projects and activities in key areas such as: showcasing integration of heritage and ocean science; facilitating co-design; managing data and knowledge; developing capacity; enabling greater diversity and representation; encouraging ocean literacy and public engagement and outreach; and evaluating impact.


The high-level objective of CHFP is to ensure that cultural heritage contributes effectively to sustainable development over the course of the UN Ocean Decade.

The underpinning intention of the CHFP is to take the experience and positive momentum that the Ocean Decade has engendered in our stakeholder network, ODHN, and project it forward as a proactive and expanding programme of Decade Actions to help deliver the “Ocean we want”.


The scope of the CHFP’s activities is likely to evolve over the course of the Decade in response to needs. However, CHFP activities are expected to include:

Supporting outputs from Decade Actions including publication and through digital media, while using the engaging character of cultural heritage to disseminate the vision, mission and outcomes of the Decade among the public.

Further news about the programme will be on posted shortly on ODHN’s website. We encourage all to join us and get involved as we begin our 10-year voyage.