In June 2021, the Cultural Heritage Framework Programme (CHFP) was announced as one of the first Actions to be officially endorsed as part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, 2021-2030 (Action #69). CHFP is led by the Ocean Decade Heritage Network.

To date, it is the only endorsed Decade Action that addressing cultural heritage.

CHFP Ambition

By the end of the UN Ocean Decade, the historical dimension of people’s relationships with the sea will be integrated within ocean science and policy. The ‘ocean we want’ will be inspired and informed by the long and diverse histories and living heritage of people and the sea.

Cultural heritage can and will contribute effectively to sustainable development over the course of the UN Ocean Decade. The impacts of Decade Actions relating to cultural heritage will be greater together than they would be individually. CHFP aims to assist and support cultural heritage stakeholders enact this transformation through their proposed Decade Actions (programmes, projects, and activities).

Operational objectives of CHFP

Showcase integration of heritage and ocean science

Develop capacity / Early Career support

Enable greater diversity and representation

Encourage Ocean Literacy, public engagement, and outreach

Encourage effective and efficient communication between:

  • Cultural heritage stakeholders
  • Other marine science stakeholders, policy and decision makers
  • Traditional communities and the general public
  • Decade institutions (Decade Co-ordination Unit, Co-ordination Offices and Collaborative Centres; National Decade Committees; Stakeholder Platforms; Ocean Decade Alliance).

CHFP Objectives in Supporting Decade Actions

CHFP Mode of Operation

CHFP Current Thematic Priorities

Together, Decade Actions relating to cultural heritage will have greater overall coherence over the duration of the Decade than if this framework were absent.

Duplication will be avoided among networks, programmes, projects and activities relating to cultural heritage under the umbrella of the Ocean Decade and beyond.

Expertise will be promptly available for responding to enquiries from stakeholders regarding the Ocean Decade, Decade Actions, Calls, institutions and contributions.

CHFP hosts the following Decade Projects:

Are there Decade Actions (programmes, projects, and activities) you might be interested in developing that can contribute to the Ocean Decade?

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