Implementation Plan Version 1.0: Presentation to UN Oceans

Although the 2nd Global Planning Meeting of the Decade, which was to happen in Paris in mid-March, was cancelled, UNESCO-IOC reached out to its partners, including ODHN, asking for feedback on the 0 Draft Implementation Plan for the Ocean Decade by the end of April. Thank you very much to those members of ODHN who took on this challenge – it was quite a task as the document is very detailed and the feedback questions were very specific. 

We are happy to report that on July 1, the 1.0 Draft Implementation Plan for the Ocean Decade was sent to State Parties. The 1.0 Draft was originally planned to be unveiled at the UN Oceans Conference in Lisbon in early June (which has been postponed until 2021).

The presentation that was to be made in Lisbon, in light of the 1.0 Draft and revised timelines, has now been shared with Decade partners. UNESCO-IOC has given us permission to disseminate it here – we hope you find it informative regarding the next steps in the process. It also provides some insight into how the Decade in practice will likely function, and we look forward to thinking about how cultural heritage will have a place in the proposed formats and platforms.

If you would like to know more about the 1.0 Draft, or share your thoughts and ideas – please get in touch with us: info@oceandecadeheritage.org

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