Annual meeting 2022 of DEGUWA / in Poseidon’s Realm XXVII

Annual meeting 2022 of DEGUWA  / in Poseidon’s Realm XXVII

Annual meeting 2022 of DEGUWA / in Poseidon’s Realm XXVII

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Call for Papers

The annual meeting 2022 of DEGUWA e.V. on Underwater Archaeology


with the topic

Maritime Landscapes

will be held in close cooperation with the

Archaeological Museum of Istria (AMI)

from May 16, 2022 through May 22, 2022 in Pula, Istria (Croatia).

The topic of maritime landscapes encompasses various aspects of maritime heritage, and, from a contemporary point of view, represents a real challenge for the researchers. Maritime landscapes include various submerged archaeological sites, specifically landscapes that are a combination of terrestrial and underwater sites. These are sites that have been submerged due to the rising sea levels, but also those that are the result of floods or drainage of water areas.

Technological advances, the use of aerial archaeology and of various software have contributed to the development of methodology that has raised the documentation of archaeological sites to an enviable level. The combination of different analyses and a multidisciplinary approach used in the research of maritime landscapes open up numerous potentials in the study of the subject.

The premise of the research relies on the relationship between people and water, namely the sea, and the key is to view this relationship within its geographical, landscape, cultural, economic, political, technological, landscape related and other contexts. The study of underwater landscapes takes into consideration issues such as site selection, natural resources, various landscape activities, hinterland and wider area connection, together with numerous other issues that help create a broader picture of a particular archaeological site.

The modern methodological approach facilitates archaeological knowledge and contributes to high-quality interpretation of a particular cultural landscape, both in its specific micro-location and in the context of a wider regional area, connecting land with underwater archaeology, and prehistoric with later archaeological periods.

In recent years, the Adriatic coast saw an increased intensity of construction work related to the development of tourism (resorts, nautical tourism ports), which, together with systematic researches carried out in coastal areas, has led to the discovery of a significant number of maritime landscapes.

Lately, coastal areas witness frequent discoveries of archaeological sites with prehistoric settlements, graves, submerged roads, ship structures and submerged architecture of different periods and purposes (ports, villas, salt pans, fish farms and others).

The main theme of the conference In Poseidon’s Realm XXVII “Maritime Landscapes” is presented to researchers as a challenge in the efforts to create a more credible reconstruction of the former appearance of a particular cultural landscape.

The conference shall give an overview on the current state of research. Studies from other geographical areas and different chronological positions will also be appreciated.

Furthermore, the spectrum of topics includes lectures on recent underwater archaeological researches. Reports on newly developed methods and techniques regarding nautical, underwater and wetland archaeology in general or the protection of the underwater heritage are also welcome.

You are kindly invited to send your application for a lecture or a poster appointing the title as well as your abstract up to 250 words (incl. two images), to the following email address:

Please send your application until: November 30, 2021.

All contributions will be published in SKYLLIS, journal for maritime and limnic archaeology and cultural history.

Detailed information regarding the academic programme, the extensive accompanying programme, the places, accommodations etc. will follow during December 2021.

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Organization Committee:

Ida Koncani Uhač

Ralph Kunz

Katharina Meyer-Regenhardt

Peter Winterstein

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