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Cultural Heritage and Coastal Resilience at COP26

ODHN will be in the Resilience Hub at COP26 on Saturday 6th November 2021, joining a creative exploration of cultural heritage and coastal resilience organised by the British-Irish Council.

Virtually traversing a range of coastal communities and initiatives, this event will examine the human experience of our coastal heritage, tangible and intangible, in the UK, Ireland, and beyond. Diverse voices will unravel different perspectives on the risks, changes and challenges facing our coasts. Together we will explore how our heritage can be part of building a more resilient future – not least through ODHN’s Cultural Heritage Framework Programme as part of the UN Ocean Decade!

The event will be a stimulating interactive session with a panel of experts from world-leading cultural and heritage organisations, as well as a keynote speech from Julie James, Minister for Climate Change at the Welsh Government.

Coastal and marine heritage tells a story of commerce, conflict and leisure over the centuries. It contributes strongly to identities and quality of life today. Our ports and harbours, and a host of colourful seaside resorts, remain vital for our economy, well-being and enjoyment. Much of this rich heritage is poorly understood yet under considerable pressure from coastal erosion, development and damaging activities.

Human-induced climate change means that both the rate of sea-level rise and scale of change to coastlines are now accelerating. Storms and surges are likely to become stronger, higher and more frequent, whilst rising sea levels mean that flooding and erosion will increase.

Having a better understanding of why, how and where people are connected to landscapes can help us improve the planning and management decisions that shape the way we look after the land and sea.

Attendees will be asked questions that explore their connection to the places where the land meets the sea and there will be opportunities to pose your own questions to our panellists.

Sign up on our Eventbrite page and register now through the Resilience Hub website to stream the event live.