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The Ocean Decade Heritage Network has the dual aims of raising awareness in the cultural heritage community about the UN’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 and coordinating a targeted global response from the community to improve the integration of archaeology and cultural heritage management within the marine sciences during the Decade’s Preparatory (2018-20) and Implementation Phases (2021-30).

We want to ensure that in raising awareness about the Decade and related activities, we are inclusive. Through this website and other social media, we will share information on upcoming conferences and meetings, network activities, projects, and resources. With your help and input, we aim to make this information available and accessible through the network.

As a recognised partner of the Decade, we are coordinating a targeted global response through chairing the Decade Action Cultural Heritage Network Programme – currently the only Action that addresses cultural heritage.

Our contention is not just “how can cultural heritage help deliver the Decade?” but “without cultural heritage, how can you deliver the Decade?”

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Ocean Decade Heritage Network seeks to

Raise awareness

in the broader cultural heritage community about the Decade.

Provide a platform

for information sharing regarding efforts about the Decade.

Facilitate contact and communication

between archaeologists, cultural heritage specialists, marine scientists, and related stakeholders in the Preparatory (2018-2020) and Implementation Phases (2021-2030) of the Decade.


that archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists, individually and through their own institutions and networks, are enabled to engage constructively with the marine sciences under the auspices of the Decade, and to make the best of the opportunity that the Decade presents in supporting interdisciplinary marine research.

Encourage participation

by archaeologists and cultural heritage specialists not only in international efforts but also in regional and national programmes inspired by the Decade.

We’d love to have you as part of our network